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Getting an injured martial arts expert back to training and teaching

Windy teaches and mentors fighters in BJJ, Mixed Martial arts (MMA) and karate and is the chair of the UK Mixed Martial Arts Federation and a widely respected judge. Unlike many Instructors with his level of experience, he still attends regular classes under other instructors and trains every day. Windy sought treatment from Jim for a long-standing back injury that was preventing him from training and teaching, which was really affecting his livelihood. Jim, having trained with Windy in MMA and BJJ for years, understood the unique demands that martial arts placed on his patient's body and prioritised Windy’s need to recover so he could continue training and teaching. With a combined approach of acupuncture, osteopathy and laser therapy, Jim was able to help Windy return to training in a matter of days after the first consultation. Windy noted that his treatment had left him much more mobile through his lower back and noticed a particular improvement in his kicking power after Jim had addressed his biomechanics. This unique approach of prioritising the patients need to return to training, coupled with a mixed therapeutic method, was something that Windy appreciated and resulted in many referrals to Jim for his services and understanding of the sport by a large number of the fighters that train under Windy Miller, including some semi-professional Muay Thai and Cage Fighters. Photo by Joshua Jamias