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Personal Training

Personal Training

At Livelong we are not a gym, we are place to reset and support your health and fitness. You will not find a full timetable of fitness classes to fill every hour of the day or a personal trainer on call 24/7. Instead we offer tailored small group classes, one to ones, movement screening and fitness support to those who want to reset their base level of fitness so that they can go out and get the most from their chosen type of exercise.

Once you begin to learn and train your foundational movements and get your base level of fitness as good as it can be, you can manage your health, prevent injury and get more from your chosen activities.

We use as little as possible when it comes to fitness kit and instead focus on the more natural movements and exercises. For us it is all about finding you simple ways to get fit and stay fit in and around your life.


Anti-ageing fitness

Base level fitness is one of the best anti-ageing remedies out there. Our muscle mass is one of the biggest predictors to how well we age. Once we hit 30 years old we start to lose muscle mass each year, so it is imperative that we strength train as we get older.

This class works on gently building your overall strength to rehabilitate and regenerate muscle and fight the ageing process.

Work:life fitness

It is hard to find time to squeeze fitness into a busy working life and to choose a workout over family and friend time. Our work:life sessions are tailored to give you a set of 30 minute workouts that can drop into your busy week.

Book our bi-monthly reset session or join our classes during the week. Enjoy easy to implement 30 minute workouts that free off your body, prevent pain and help get you fit.

These workouts aim to fight desk bound time and long periods of enforced inactivity. They also look to incorporate movements and flow that help fight the negative effects of screen time and tech time on your posture.