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Ollie Ricote

Ollie is a yoga instructor, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist and certified FRC Mobility Specialist. At Livelong he is an integral part of our movement team and works to bridge the patient journey from our clinic rooms to our movement studios.

Ollie Ricote

Ollie brings a wealth of knowledge about yoga and movement. He is an experienced yoga teacher, who in 2019 taught fellow yoga teachers the 300-hour advanced yoga course at the Kranti Yoga Academy in India. For us at Livelong, Ollie brings more than just expert yoga skills to our clinic. He works with our osteopathic team to deliver movement consults and is a certified FRC Mobility Specialist, allowing him to deliver functional conditioning via a comprehensive joint training system based on scientific principals and research.

Ollie's passion for movement originates from his time spent studying at the London Contemporary Dance School, where he took it upon himself to learn as much as possible about anatomy to help him prevent injury as he progressed through his dancing career. Ollie developed a love of yoga to support his dancing, as he found the practice helped his mindset for peak performance as well as his movement conditioning.

At Livelong Ollie will be working to deliver movement consults as well as yoga. He will be working to help people find how to use and move their body in its most optimum way, working with people to develop a practice for movement that fits with their life. Ollie will be a great first port of call for those looking to rehabilitate post-injury or get into a habit of moving regularly, as his knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and functional conditioning will allow him to help advise the best movement journey for an individual.

Ollie is passionate about people tailoring their movement to themselves as an individual. He will be very honest about which movement practices are best suited to their body and goals. Even as a passionate yoga teacher, he is the first to say yoga should not be prescribed to everyone.