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Philip Tanswell

Philip is our most experienced working practitoner at Livelong. His working relationship with Tom now spans over a decade and with his extensive knowledge and experience in health he regularly heads up practitoner development sessions for our team.

Philip Tanswell

Opened Long Melford Osteopaths in 1983 and has grown to serve a large area of Suffolk with a hands on approach to health and injury, that focuses on the individual. His career and interest in wellbeing started when he practised as a nurse in London. Having developed general medical understanding, he went on to study osteopathy, eastern and western acupuncture and cognitive behavioural therapy. It is this wide-reaching combination of skill sets that makes Philip a unique and experienced practitioner, highly capable of helping all level of patient needs.

At various points in Philip’s career he has been called to sit on the General Osteopathic Council, teach technique and be a clinical examiner at various colleges in the UK and abroad. In 2008 Philip hired Thomas Parry as an associate at his clinic and it is under his tutelage that Thomas has developed his osteopathic skill set. In 2017 the roles were reversed as Philip took a step back to allow Thomas to take over the running and administrative pressure of Long Melford Osteopaths, allowing himself to enjoy a more balanced life as an associate of the clinic.

Philip is an avid blues guitar player and can often be heard indulging his passion on his lunch break. He is also a great advocate for all those who feel they can’t make significant body changes later in life, as he sets himself regular weight loss and fitness challenges, putting younger Livelong Ltd team members to shame.