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Equine Massage

Equine Massage

Equine Rehabilitation and Sports Massage Therapy is a holistic form of therapy that takes the whole body into account when assessing and treating either horse or human.

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What is equine massage?

The application of professional sports massage techniques, targeted specifically for the physical and bio-mechanical needs of the horse and rider, lays emphasis on promoting healthy functional soft tissue and assists in improving movement and posture.

How does massage help the horse and rider partnership?

Allow your equine partnership to strive-sports massage has MANY benefits and can help to not only improve your performance but reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery post-exercise and post-injury or surgical procedure. Massage aids in improving co-ordination, imbalances in the body, muscle tone and quality, reduces or eliminates pain in the body and allows for an increase in flexibility, suppleness and joint mobility.

How does it help equine performance?

Reducing tension in the body and bringing physical and mindful awareness to your riding, can be a valuable tool. It allows you to give your horse clearer more precise aids without compromising your posture and position. This, in turn, will allow your horse will be able to perform more freely and without tension blocking your movement together, allowing you both to work in unity.

Where will massage take place?

When treating a horse and rider partnership, massage for your horse will take place in the comfort of their home environment. We are happy to treat riders in the same location as their horse if there is a suitable room/area available, or we can offer a more relaxed and luxurious experience with a massage in one of our clinic locations.