The term yoga denotes the physical, mental and awakening practice that is thousands of years old. It is a practice that aims to put your body in its best place of flow state, by connecting your physical movements seamlessly with your breath. Watch a baby or a young child and you will realise you have been doing yoga moves all your life.

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Consistent practice of yoga can offer all kinds of mental and physical health benefits.

From our studio at Hyntle Barn Clinic, Laetitia Corbett [link to her profile page] delivers a mixtures of Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga with a focus on helping your body move well in your everyday life.

As with everything at Livelong, we are only interested in finding ways to form habits that work with the lifestyle you lead. Our yoga classes fit this brief by teaching easy flows of moves that link each movement to your breath, giving an increased feeling of wellbeing, helping with mental clarity, reducing stress and improving your ability to sleep.

What is the difference between Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga follows a set sequence of asanas, or poses, that students practice the same way each time, holding each pose for five breaths. The primary series is focused on forward bends, the secondary series focuses on backbends and the advanced series focuses on arm balances. These classes allow you to move at your own pace with your breath while the teacher circulates and offers personal instructions and adjustments as necessary.

Vinyasa offers a more varied class experience with a variety of sequences and movements chosen by the instructor to match the class ability and requirement. As you flow through the asanas throughout class, there is often a pose toward the tail end of class chosen as the peak pose in terms of challenge and difficulty level. The class then slows down, with more seated poses, more stretching and an opportunity to recover.

Where should you start if you are new to yoga?

Our Reset & Recharge class is the best way to find a love and understanding of yoga. You will move through a series of poses with detailed explanation from your instructor, with each move gently engaging and opening your major muscle groups. You will begin to learn the benefits of moving your body to the rhythm of your breath to help promote circulation and reduce stress. It is a class with a combination of accessible poses, fluid movements and breath that will vary each time you attend.



Classes will be £10 per person. We are structuring our class times around demand and request. So if you are interested in attending yoga classes at Hyntle Barn Clinic call us on 01473 652509 or message us and our team can help you find a class that suits you best.

Patients seeking this service might have the following symptoms...

Balance, Flexibility, Mobility, Stress, Stress relief, Anxiety, Back pain, Arthritis, Heart health, Relaxation, Fatigue, Sleep, Chronic stress, Depression