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About Livelong

We help create a blueprint for your optimum health.

Our multidisciplinary team brings together osteopaths, acupuncturists, masseurs, personal trainers and Pilates teachers to help you prioritise your well-being and recalibrate. Our team are focused on active recovery, prevention and ageing well. We believe that everyone deserves a pain-free life and the opportunity to fight the conventions of ageing to keep health and wellness on an upward trajectory.

Livelong is a place for those who wish to manage and optimise their health.

In today’s busy world our health really is our greatest investment. When we do get time to focus on our health we realise we often don’t know what the best action is to take. At Livelong we offer a space to arrive and revive. Our team is on hand to help create and recalibrate your blueprint to health, so when you get time to invest in it you know what to do.

What is Livelong all about?

Livelong comes from the vision of Thomas and Harriet Parry. Tom is the Clinical Director, practising osteopath and acupuncturist at Livelong. Recognising the increasing number of pop-up health and wellness services, they felt it was hard to find a brand you could rely on to deliver a fully integrated approach with health outcomes, rather than just giving a treatment without long-term vision.

With a young family and the challenge of growing Livelong to be all that they know it can be, Tom and Harriet appreciate the importance of the support of a collaborative health team that can help you stay at the top of your game both physically and emotionally. Like everyone, spending their lives multi-tasking, putting family and work first, these two constantly find their health takes the back seat, which isn’t sustainable. So to them, our Livelong vision and mission are very clear – helping your body keep up with your life.

How do we help?

We aim to offer an approach to health and wellness that as a team we like to enjoy ourselves – effective, non-invasive, drug-free solutions to health and support in preventing illness. As a team, we all receive regular treatments and fitness prescriptions from one another.

We find people come to our clinics for a wide variety of reasons. Some have exhausted all other options to improve their health, some have old and new pain niggles or body issues and others love to have our team guide and support them in meeting their health and wellness goals. We have many people visiting us for regular treatments as they find that our clinic services help them feel great and maintain a level of health and wellness that they enjoy.

We often find people seek out our clinics in pain and find that the relief, support and guidance they then go on to receive from our team, brings them a new appreciation and enjoyment of their health and wellness. We also find that people at the top of their game, whether in sport or business, enjoy the education and accountability our team provides to help make those small body gains that can elevate performance.

You may also be referred to us by GP’s, surgeons, dieticians, sports coaches, councillors and many more specialists who we work closely alongside. Our clinic team offer complementary services that work beside many other treatments or health experiences you may be undergoing.

Our patient journey

We aim to allow people to arrive and revive at our Livelong clinics. Through a multi-disciplinary team approach, we take our patients on a journey to rehabilitate, regenerate and relax. You can enter in at any one of these stages and cycle through the journey as much and as often as works for your lifestyle.


We offer a support network of specialist practitioners who work to help restore you to your optimum health. Our team specialise in your physical health, movement, body structure and function.


Once on the road to recovery, we work with you to ensure your body is functioning efficiently. Our specialists collaborate to retrain your body’s movement and ability to recover. You will enhance your capacity to feel and listen to what your body is telling you about your health, helping you to manage your well-being.


We train your body to keep up with your life. Our specialists work together to formulate classes and workshops that help you to achieve sustainable health. You will find inspiration to make small and ongoing improvements to your fitness and physical health, helping you become more resistant to the everyday stresses and pressures of life.

Our clinics

Livelong brings together two Suffolk clinic locations, our headquarters at Hyntle Barn Clinic and Long Melford Osteopaths. Through these locations, Livelong offers services that allow you to rehabilitate, regenerate and relax under the guidance of our growing integrated team.

We are always happy to talk through your individual needs and let you know what options might be available to you with the support of the Livelong team. Call us on 01473 652509 .

Work with us

Livelong Ltd offers modern, serviced clinic space to health practitioners in East Anglia looking to work within a multidisciplinary team. We allow practitioners to concentrate on treatment with the support of our administrative and customer service team to help grow their personal brand, influence and patient experience.

We are always happy to talk to practitioners in a variety of health and wellbeing fields so get in touch if you have a service that would add value to the Livelong offering.

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