Website Search: Who should you see at Livelong?
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Website Search: Who should you see at Livelong?

We have been working to make it easier for you to drop in and search our site by typing in what is hurting or bothering you. Our new search allows you to type in a condition or presentation such as ‘low back pain’ and you will see which services we offer that may help you.

We hope this makes it easier for you to navigate our offering, and also to easily see all the options available for your treatment journey. We are a collaborative team, so if your regular treatment or practitioner is not available on your day of need there is always likely another way our team can help.

The search will build over time, so if you type in a condition that does not return any results, please contact our team by phone or email as there is a high likelihood a collaborative approach from our practitioners will help you. Or if we cannot help, we are always happy to suggest and refer you to the best-known practitioners outside of Livelong who will be suited to your needs. Just get in touch and we will help you navigate your treatment plan.

Below our search bar, you will also find icons that will help sort our services in relation to the most common presentations we see. So, if you are suffering from fatigue, simply click the icon to see which services can help.

Check out our new search on our services page here and see clearly which practitioners deliver each service here.