Archie Wilkinson

Meet Archie, a passionate and dedicated Osteopath with a rich background in proactive healthcare. A proud alumnus of the University College of Osteopathy, he has cultivated a wealth of experience by working in various clinics during and since his graduation. His extensive clinical exposure allowed him to delve deep into a myriad of conditions and demographics, enabling him to tailor his osteopathic approaches to diverse needs, ranging from sports injuries and geriatric care to patients with HIV.

Archie Wilkinson

The global pandemic became a canvas for Archie to broaden his horizons and enhance his medical prowess. He acquired new qualifications in Medical Acupuncture and pitch-side first aid, skills he honed further in a season with Leiston Football Club. With a profound understanding of movement and rehabilitation, Archie seamlessly blends the essence of traditional osteopathic wisdom with a fresh, modern approach to musculoskeletal complaints. His practice is a holistic symphony that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit, ensuring that each patient experiences comprehensive care.

Archie's journey into Osteopathy is a story of inspiration drawn from personal experience and family legacy. Stemming from a medical family, with a GP father and a nurse mother, and motivated by the transformative osteopathic care he received for a rugby injury, Archie’s path into osteopathy was carved. His educational journey led him to London, drawing inspiration from illustrious alumni of St Joseph’s College, nurturing his passion into professional expertise.

Returning to Suffolk post-graduation, Archie ignited his career at Livelong, bringing with him a tapestry of knowledge woven through years of active participation in cricket and rugby. His athletic background, representing Suffolk at junior levels and earning full school colours at St Joseph’s College, fuels his profound insights into the nuances of athletic performance, team dynamics, and injury prevention.

In his practice, Archie reveres the fundamental osteopathic philosophy where 'structure governs function,' ensuring a thoughtful and respectful consideration of the body’s intrinsic interconnectedness throughout his assessments and treatments. In Archie, you will find an osteopath whose comprehensive approach and heartfelt dedication foster an environment where healing and well-being flourish.

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