Kelly duRand

Introducing Kelly, an embodiment of holistic healthcare proficiency, whose dedication radiates through her diverse and compassionate approach to patient well-being. Armed with a degree from the University College of Osteopathy in 2021, Kelly crafts personalized healing experiences that resonate with the unique needs of each patient, utilizing her vast reservoir of knowledge and skills.

Kelly duRand

Kelly’s odyssey in the realm of healthcare is a rich tapestry of experiences. She devoted 16 impactful years to Secondary Education, flourishing in a multitude of roles ranging from PE and Maths to Special Educational Needs, and ascending to the esteemed position of a School Improvement Leader. Kelly’s academic prowess is further illuminated by a degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences, earned from the University of Gloucestershire in 2005, bolstered by a remarkable 20-year sojourn in the fitness industry and group exercise spheres. Her expertise blossoms with qualifications in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Les Mills Body Pump & Body Balance, Spin, Circuits, and Yoga.

The arena of sports has been graced by Kelly’s passion and prowess, as seen in her stellar participation in elite-level Netball, including representation as a County player and an England U19 athlete. Her athletic curiosity knows no bounds, embracing adventures in sprint triathlons, kayaking, and climbing.

2018 saw Kelly enrich her therapeutic arsenal with a BTEC Level 5 in Soft Tissue Therapy, intensifying the breadth and depth of her osteopathic proficiency. A pinnacle of her practice is the harmonious integration of Medical Acupuncture with osteopathy, exemplifying a synergized approach to healing and well-being.

Choosing Kelly as your healthcare practitioner is a journey into a sanctuary of holistic care. Her qualifications are not just badges, but beacons of her dedication, compassion, and the diverse paths she has journeyed for holistic understanding and patient care. In Kelly’s hands, you find not just treatment, but a confluence of care that listens, understands, and meticulously tailors a healing pathway just for you.

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