MSTR® Scar Tissue Release

MSTR® Scar Tissue Release

The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique (MSTR®) is a fascinating advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and is changing people’s lives.

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Recent research at the Newcastle Clinic under ultrasound showed and documented clear changes in scar depth, width, adhesion, vascularity, and lymph movement. It was also possible to document changes in mood states and other long-term effects the scar has on health. Multiple small scars can also change movement patterns, pain signalling and the experience of pain for the individual. Even though they may appear insignificant.

MSTR® is a gentle and profoundly effective way of working on scar tissue. It can help the scar and surrounding areas rapidly return to a more normal state. The treatment consists of gentle pressure moves applied using fingertips. These purposeful and focused moves help to gently free the restrictions in the scar tissue. No force is involved in any way and there is no use of chemicals, oils or lotions.

MSTR® can be extremely effective for long or short-term scarring such as:

• Caesarean section scars

• Hysterectomy scars

• Spinal surgery scars

• Trauma scars from lacerations such as head wound scars, stab wounds, bullet wounds

• Mastectomy scars

• Amputation scars

• Underlying scar tissue from surgery

Scar Tissue Release

Symptoms associated with scar tissue that may improve include:

• Numbness or desensitisation in or around the area of the scar

• Pain

• Feeling of disconnection between lower and upper body (especially C-section scars)

• Hypersensitivity

• Burning

• Itching

• Nausea

• Physical appearance such as the texture and colouration

• Emotional and psychological pain associated with scars and the events that created them

Many or all of these symptoms can change dramatically, often quickly…even after decades.