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Pilates is an exercise that can fit into anyone’s life, manage your base level of fitness and deliver great results. From our Hyntle Barn studio we offer a classical approach to reformer and mat based Pilates that can be used along every step or our patient journey - rehabilitation, regeneration and relaxation.

Pilates can help restore and elevate your physical fitness.

As a certified Pilates instructor with comprehensive experience in teaching classical pilates both on mat and apparatus, Nicola Grant specialises in delivering rehabilitative Pilates for all ages, abilities and ailments.

Working with the Livelong 360 degree approach to your health, Nicola collaborates with our multidisciplinary team to create tailored rehabilitation programmes that can help relieve and manage conditions that are impinging your physical fitness. Whether you wish to work work on an injury, your strength and flexibility, balance or a key muscle group that needs attention, Nicola can tailor a session to work towards your goal.

Pilates is also a great form of fitness, stress management and relaxation that can fit into our busy lives. Join one of our Pilates classes to see the benefits it can have on your lifestyle, body image and mental health.



Small group classes of no more than 3 people working on Pilates reformer and apparatus, to offer resistance and assistance to allow you to take your body to the next level and retrain your form and function.

£23 per person

Tailored Mat

Classes restricted to a maximum of three people, allowing Nicola to carefully tailor and monitor all movements to ensure you help your body to rehabilitate and regenerate. These classes are a great way to get to know Pilates, to train with an injury and to refresh your form and function.

£13 per person

Group Mat

Social classes that are best suited to those who have no serious injuries and are wanting to improve their base level of fitness and wellbeing. Mat classes have a diverse range of focuses, choose from:

  • Base pilates - a class for anyone and everyone; get moving, improve your posture, build your strength and work on your flexibility.
  • Balance and flow - defy the ageing process by testing your balance, training your core muscles and freeing your body from physical restrictions.
  • Long and lean- sculpt your body with a class that brings together pilates moves that take a particular focus on improving your body silhouette - the bonus is like with all Pilates sessions it also makes you feel better and breathe better while you are at it.

£10 per person

Private or tailored group sessions

If you are new to Pilates, pregnant, postnatal, have a specific injury or condition or wish to focus on a very specific area for sports performance, a private lesson is a great place to start. You will utilise a large range of Pilates studio equipment and work through techniques, working to help your body move and function in ways that it may not know it can.

1:1 £55 or 2:1 £30 per person