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How to tape your ankle to relieve pain without limiting movement.

27th January 2017

How to tape your ankle to relieve pain without limiting movement.

Though not a common incident on the slopes, ankle injuries can occur. Whether it’s an over exuberant après ski, or the wrong choice of footwear slipping on icy snow covered pathways can happen to even the most seasoned skier.

How to respond to a sprain

If you do have the misfortune to suffer an inversion sprain, the first thing you need to do is apply a cold compress by wrapping ice in a thin towel. Keep this on the affected area for ten minutes, let it warm through and then repeat again with the ice for a further ten minutes. Repeat this process five times.

After applying ice, taping can provide that much needed added support whilst your ankle heals itself. Follow this simple three step guide to help yourself.

How to use tape to support an injured ankle.

This taping technique can be done on your own, or if you’ve got a willing volunteer then ask them to help you.

Step 1:

Measure a length of tape from the middle of your foot up to the top third of your lateral leg making a note of where you need to cut. Cut the tape at your mark, then tear the first end and apply to the top of the foot. Then apply gently up the leg. As you pass the ankle, apply some tension to the tape and then release as you apply the remaining tape to the leg.

Step 2:

Take a second length about 4-6” in length and apply over the painful part of the ankle. Start by ripping the paper in the middle of the tape. Then apply pressure along its length, releasing this pressure as you secure the end of the tape to the skin.

Rub the two lengths of tape to stimulate the adhesive and secure the tape in place.

Be aware that if you’ve done significant enough damage to the ankle, then you can often get some increased swelling. So if the taping becomes too uncomfortable, be prepared to remove the taping and continue with another treatment of ice. Then reapply the tape once the swelling has subsided enough.