Admin Team

As the front of staff team, we are trained care navigators who will help you find the best practitioner for your current health and wellbeing need. Operating as a collaborative clinic team, we work closely with all practitioners and ensure you can move between our clinical services with ease.

Admin Team

On your visit to Livlelong you will meet one of us, either Rachel, Marianne, or Annie manning the phones and front desk. We keep the Livelong machine well-oiled and ensure all our practitioners have everything they need to deliver a high-quality treatment and consult. Please feel free to ask us any questions and deliver any feedback you have about your Livelong experience to us; we are here to support you as the patient.

As a collaborative team, we fully support patients who wish to transition their care between our practitioners for any reason, so please talk to us in the admin team and we will handle any transition with discretion for you. The most important thing for us is that you get the most from our services and that we can find the right combination of practitioners to do so.

In all our clinic rooms you will see a sign explaining that you can ask for a chaperone at any time; as an admin team we are trained chaperones and are available to assist you.

Email: [email protected]

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