Amy has a very holistic approach to aesthetics. She strives to bridge the gap between how we look and how we feel which sits alongside our cornerstones of using a regenerative and relaxing approach. Underpinning her practice is the training and experience she has as a nurse, she harnesses this knowledge to balance her treatments between beauty and science.

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Amy is always happy to answer any questions you may have, so do feel free to contact us via the web, phone, or social media. Below is a list of the growing services that she will be offering at the barn.

Dermaplaning £ 40

Dermaplaning is an effective exfoliating treatment with the use of a surgical scalpel to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells, leaving your skin glowing and feeling radiant.

The benefits of dermaplaning include reducing fine lines and wrinkles, helps improve the appearance of acne scarring, pigmentation, makeup applies smoother and skincare products are absorbed better.

Includes a double cleanse, dermaplane, tone and moisturise.

Pen Micro needling £ 80

This treatment causes the skin to repair and rejuvenate producing fresh, new, younger-looking skin. It is particularly useful for the treatment of stretch marks and all kinds of scarring including acne and operation scars.

Can be used on face and body.

Courses of 3 or 6 available please ask for price.

Chemical peel £50

A chemical skin peel works by removing old, dead skin cells at the surface to promote new cell growth.

For the best results, a course of 4/6 treatments spaced out weekly to 4 weekly intervals. Courses available please ask for a price.

Muscle relaxing treatments

*Note: Prescription £35 to be paid the day the clinician sees the client.

1 area £110

2 areas £145

3 areas £185

Areas include the forehead, between the eyes and crow’s feet. If the forehead is booked between the eyes also has to be booked, 2 areas will be required.

Note: prior to this treatment you will require a separate 15-minute consultation with a prescribing clinician please message for details. A new prescription will be needed every 6 months.

Dermal Fillers

Naso-labial lines (Lines from nose to mouth): £200

Marionette lines (Lines from the corner of the mouth to chin) £200

Naso-labial lines and Marionette lines £300

This is a safe and simple procedure using a natural gel to smooth out wrinkles, folds or scars to give your face a younger, refreshed more plumped appearance. If the skin on your face has lost its firmness and fullness, a facial filler treatment may be the perfect solution.

Dermal filler is a naturally occurring hyaluronic acid gel that is injected into the face to smooth wrinkles and folds (especially around the nose and mouth). It is also used to plump out scars or dents in the face and to define and enhance lips, reshape the nose, or define and plump out cheeks.

Lip Enhancement

Restylane £185

Juvederm £200

This is a safe and simple procedure that can add volume and definition and create a balance between the upper and lower lips.