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Unlocking the benefits of Pilates: A comprehensive guide for all ages and fitness levels at Livelong

Wondering if Pilates is worth your time? In short, yes! You may not know what pilates is, but I bet you’ll have friends, family members or colleagues who swear by it. Perhaps a medical practitioner has recommended it too. But, when you are time poor it’s hard to justify something else to fit into your day. But your health is so important and there is a reason why pilates is having a resurgence and popping up in articles and social media feeds.

12th April 2024

Unlocking the benefits of Pilates: A comprehensive guide for all ages and fitness levels at Livelong

Because pilates is so versatile and can be tailored to a variety of ages, abilities and fitness goals, everyone can benefit from regular classes. Here at Livelong, from our village location of Hintlesham, Suffolk we teach everyone, from people in their twenties right up to their nineties! And it’s not just women (a common misconception), we are also seeing a huge surge in popularity with men of all ages coming to class as they realise the importance of staying mobile to get onto football pitch, golf course, or just put their socks on without getting injured!

Work on your mind-body connection

Hang in there - I promise isn’t just mumbo-jumbo talk. In the realm of Pilates, the emphasis on creating a profound mind-body connection goes beyond mere rhetoric — it's a fundamental principle integral to the practice. This connection, facilitated by purposeful breathwork, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the benefits of Pilates and positively impacting various aspects of physical well-being such as strengthening the core and improving balance, flexibility, mobility and posture which can help all people in everyday life. 

These aren’t just buzz words, but areas that will genuinely help in the prevention of injury, improving your fitness and in the path to rehabilitation post injury, which is hugely beneficial in making sure everyone can carry on doing the things they love for as long as possible – whether that’s playing sport, gardening or walking the dog. These are just some of core reasons people take up pilates and why I love helping them.

Pilates can help a wide variety of conditions

The adaptability of Pilates makes it an inclusive and effective practice for people from all walks of life, addressing a spectrum of health and wellness needs.

  1. Chronic Illness or Injury: Pilates serves as a therapeutic modality, aiding individuals with chronic illnesses or injuries in managing pain. Through targeted exercises, it enhances strength, broadens the range of movement, and improves overall mobility. This multifaceted approach contributes to a more comfortable and functional daily life.
  2. Pre and Postnatal benefits for Women: For pre and postnatal women, Pilates is a safe and effective way to fortify the core and condition the pelvic area. This not only helps alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort but also prepares women for labor and facilitates a speedier postpartum recovery. Many women, including myself after having two children, have experienced the positive impact of Pilates during this transformative phase.
  3. Stress Reduction: Pilates incorporates breathwork and low-impact exercises, offering a dual benefit of physical and mental well-being. The intentional coordination of breath with movement not only enhances physical outcomes but also serves as a powerful tool in reducing anxiety and stress—an aspect that is relevant to individuals of all backgrounds and lifestyles.
  4. Sports Professionals: Pilates is gaining recognition among men of all ages, including sports professionals, who increasingly appreciate its role in promoting mobility, preventing injuries, and enhancing overall athletic performance. The emphasis on core strength and flexibility in Pilates aligns with the needs of individuals looking to stay agile, whether they are preparing for a game on the football pitch, golf course, or any other sports arena. The low-impact nature of Pilates exercises is particularly advantageous for minimizing the risk of injuries.
  5. Menopausal Women: In recent years, Pilates has emerged as a beneficial practice for menopausal women seeking to rebuild muscle strength and redefine their physique. The tailored exercises and focus on breathwork contribute to enhanced muscle tone, providing a positive impact on both physical well-being and body confidence during this transformative stage of life.

Pilates offers a fitness workout

It's not as slow paced as some people might initially think. In fact, I often hear at the end of the class clients say “I can’t believe that went so quickly”. And that’s not just me boasting. Pilates classes incorporate special equipment to help target specific muscles groups, increase resistance and encourage more range of movement. Keeps it interesting for our brains and our bodies.

Why do I love teaching Pilates?

Without sounding too cheesy, one of the best things about teaching pilates is watching someone discover the magic of it. That ‘aha’ moment when they realise that what they are doing is really working to improve their mind and their body. It’s not easy, but if you stick with it, it really can be life changing and soon you’ll be swearing by it too.

At Livelong we offer a variety of pilates options to help with your individual needs and budgets. We have group mat classes for all levels as well as 1:1 and 2:1 private reformer and mat classes (if groups aren’t your thing). Our class sizes are also small to make sure that everyone is getting the attention they need. And don’t worry, its not too serious – we like to have a bit of a giggle too.

Want to get involved?

If you fancy getting out and trying something new that improves your core fitness (which you’ll hopefully enjoy) see below for our current timetable at Livelong. I hope to meet you soon.



7.30 am - Men’s only class (followed by a coffee to really kick start your day)

9am – Core class (suitable for those who have a good understanding of pilates and want to be challenged)

10.15am, 11.30am, 14.15pm - 1:1 or 2:1 availability


9am – Gentle class (for those new to pilates, wanting to move at a slower pace or those who are rehabbing an injury)

10.15am, 11.30am, 12.45pm, 14.00pm – private classes on reformer and mat

18.30pm - General Class (All abilities)

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