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Hollie Thomas

Hollie trained with Body Control Pilates (BCP) in London, founded by Lynne Robinson who teaches a world-renowned method of breaking down traditional classical Pilates exercises to make them more accessible for everyone. The matwork exercises are adapted to enable us all (regardless of fitness levels) to challenge and strengthen our cores in a safe environment, thereby gaining the full benefit of Pilates.

Hollie Thomas

Hollie began practicing Pilates for two main reasons - the first was to help soothe the side effects of her own scoliosis and the second to strengthen her core as part of her fitness regime. Pilates gave her a way to make herself stronger, leaner, more flexible and to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life.

Having previously worked in the sports industry (across Tennis, Football, Rugby, Equestrian and Golf), keeping fit and active has always been a way of life for Hollie. She finds her passion for sports creeps into her class teaching, by including exercises to help support performance or fitness regimes whether it’s on the tennis court, golf course, pounding the pavement, walking the dog, gardening or cleaning the house!

Pilates is my happy hour, and I love teaching others to move, look and feel better. I like my clients to leave the studio standing taller with a smile on their face and a little fire in their abs...