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We provide deep tissue and sports massage as regenerative and injury prevention treatments. Massage has many physical, emotional and metal health benefits, so whether you are finding yourself stressed or in pain, massage can help to improve your wellbeing.

Why have a massage?

Deep tissue and sports massage help you to regenerate, rehabilitate and relax. These types of massage can help treat chronic pain, a range or musculoskeletal ailments, supplement training, boost recovery, minimise chances of injury and reduce pain.

What is the difference between deep tissue and sports massage?

Deep tissue massage

Uses firm pressure and slow strokes to work through the deep and connective tissue that lay on top and around your muscles and the connective tissue surrounding them. It is not the same as having a regular massage with more pressure. A deep tissue massage therapist works the fascia layers to break up areas of scar tissue and break down muscle knots and adhesions, stretching muscles as they go.

Sports massage

Requires our practitioners to have a broader and more specialised medical knowledge of the application of massage techniques. The treatment manipulates the muscle (soft tissue) and helps dilate the blood vessels to help them work more efficiently by promoting circulation, all with the aim of preventing and improving sports injuries.

What benefits can you get from a deep tissue or sports massage?

  • Help lower high blood pressure
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Pain reduction
  • Help arthritis symptoms
  • Aid muscle rehabilitation
  • Break down scar tissue
  • Improve tissue elasticity
  • Opens micro-circulation

Will it hurt?

A deep tissue or sports massage is very invigorating, but it is used for treatment and rehabilitation not as a solely relaxing treatment. You may find there is some discomfort in specific areas as your practitioner works to relive strain and tension from your deep tissues. Your practitioner will adapt to your tolerance level to ensure you get the most amount of benefit from your session.